Biotechnology for the 21st Century.

We are in the midst of a biotech revolution. Recent technological breakthroughs in genome sequencing and gene editing, combined with advances in data analysis, have slashed the cost of research & development. These changes mean that small, innovative companies can now have a large impact on human well being.

Our Vision.

We will provide safe, effective and affordable medicines and products that demonstrably improve quality of life.

Our Mission.

We will create and deliver cost-effective solutions in the following areas:

•  Cancer, chemo-prevention and palliative care

•  Aging, cognitive decline and chronic fatigue

•  Human performance and nutrition

Our Governance.

At its foundation, BH Biotech has taken deliberate care in establishing the foundation for the protection of its intellectual property and the sound establishment of clear corporate governance.
This rigour is maintained in its approach to scientific enquiry and measured approach to risk.
Further, at its outset BH Biotech has engaged subject matter experts to establish a strong corporate grounding.